Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

Recommended Reading on Porn Addiction

Porn Addict Hubby highly recommends that you read up on the topic of Internet pornography addiction. Much of the healing for yourself will come through the knowledge you gain on your husband or boyfriend’s struggles. You will begin to see from an unemotional perspective how the addiction shaped itself in your loved one. Eventually, you will be able to interact with your husband or boyfriend from a place of firm love rather than fear or anger. You will gain insight into why your he reacts and responds in irrational ways, learn to identify his cycle of shame, and through such knowledge protect yourself emotionally, knowing you are not to blame for his self-centered addiction. Most books can be ordered confidentially through

Meg Wilson has written an honest and
revealing account of discovering her
husband's sexual addiction and the
devastation that followed. She talks
openly about her journey out of despair
and betrayal into a life of hope and loving
again. Meg gives Godly advice in every
chapter and shares resources that can aid
in the restoration process. Her husband
shares his story and thoughts in the last
chapter. He answers the questions that the
wife of a sex addict needs answering. This
is "must" reading for any woman who has a
husband, boyfriend, father, or son
struggling with sexual addiction.

Laurie Hall is the author of An Affair of the Mind.

It is a poignant and to the heart account of her

husband's addiction with pornography. With much

wisdom and from a Godly perspective, Laurie

details from a first hand perspective how pornography

affects the spouse's self-image and self esteem as
well as the impacts on relationship intimacy.
The book reads as if it were written yesterday,

yet it was published ten years ago.
If only you knew then what you know now... 

Laurie Hall is the Rosa Parks of women dealing with

porn addiction.

If you are a couple seeking healing from
pornography addiction, The Porn Trap:
The Essential Guide To Overcoming
Problems Caused By Pornography by
Wendy and Larry Maltz covers it all.
Whether it is you or someone you love,
this comprehensive guide provides
questionnaires, checklists, and exercises
to help you understand why porn became
a problem in your home in the first place
and most importantly provides clear
action steps to get on a path towards
recovery. With down to earth and
insightful advice for the addict and
compassion and wisdom for the partner,
The Porn Trap is a must read for any
couple facing this challenge.

This book covers very well the feelings
that you may have when you find your
spouse is addicted to pornography. I like to
confront your partner, and what to expect
when you do confront your partner. This
book also emphasizes what you must do as
the partner that realizes they are in a
relationship with a person with an
addiction. Reid and Gray spend time in
walking you through how you will feel,
and offers you suggestions in how you can
work through your own feelings.

In two words: Life Changing.
Shattered Vows is like aloe vera on a sunburn.

Pick it up and it instantly helps take the sting away.

Is it a cure all? No, you sill have to heal yourself.

But you expected that. The book rings true with an

air of authenticity asthe author experienced infidelity

in her 20-year marriage that even became front page

news in their community. PAH is endorsing this book

as it provides a road map for you to make the next

best decision, whatever your circumstance may be.