Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

Excuses Excuses
(You Expect Me To Believe That?!)


One of the most common quandaries women face when dealing with their partner's problem with porn is 
understanding where they are coming from. At times it seems you need an interpreter!  The fact is that 
unhealthy behaviors produce flawed reasoning and strained communication.

In this feature, PAH will be introducing nine different emotional angles that men may gravitate
towards as they face and begin to work through their addiction to porn.  
Hold onto your hats.  It's a wild ride.

The Victim
You have discovered his addiction and are holding him accountable for his actions.  Incredulously, he believes that
he is not responsible; he is actually the victim!  The Victim has the false belief that things in life should be fair.
He may blame his actions on someone or some situation in an attempt to explain and justify his addiction.

Why is this flawed?
Who said life is fair? Everyone faces challenges in life.  If he experiences disappointment and stress, it doesn't mean
he gets a Get Out Of Jail Free Card. There are healthy ways of dealing with issues in life without using porn as a
coping mechanism.

The Minimizer
He rationalizes that his problem with porn is not hurting anyone and not an big deal. Minimizers will be vague and
will hold back on details in order to give you an unclear picture of what is really happening.

Why is this flawed?
He is misrepresenting the true situation to get you 'off the trail'. His avoidance of taking responsibility for his actions
will catch up with him at some point.

The Sidewinder
When the focus is on him, he likes to sidestep responsibility and accountability.  The Sidewinder its effects on you.
He will redirect the conversation to something other than his compulsion.

Why is this flawed?
He is the one with the problem not you. When he shifts the conversation to a topic
that has to do with your habits and behavior, he is avoiding the true issue - his addiction.

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