Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

The Crucial First Step: Introducing Accountability

PAH recommends the installation of one of the following Internet filters or monitoring software programs as a
necessary part of your recovery. It eliminates the need for you to play Nancy Drew and is a constant reminder
to your husband or boyfriend that he needs to be accountable to both of you when he is online. If you have
children in your home using the computer, install a program that filters out pornography. Experts say the first
exposure to hard core pornography is now at age 
eleven. If you don't have children, or children who are of
computer age, consider installing an accountability program. This program does not stop the access to XXX sites, but it does email 
both of you on a weekly basis all web surfing activity.

It may be tempting for you to try to wing monitoring his online activity on your own however, this will most likely not get you to your goal of a porn-free home. It's not about where you can find him surfing online. Many couples make this mistake and just aggravate the problem further with bickering and a non-productive game of cat and mouse. He goes online and attempts to cover his tracks. You have your intuition and your list of signs of addiction and will know that he has been up to something. You become more angry that there is further deceit in your relationship, etc. etc.

In order for recovery to happen, he must make a conscious choice each and every time he sits at the computer to not look at porn sites. If he knows that there is no getting around a program that will report to you every site and every activity and if you have spoken with him about how important it is for you to have a porn-free home and the consequences he will face should he decide he wants to continue acting-out, he will be in a position to begin exercising control and making better choices.
 It takes the fun out if it.

Try it now! The first 30 days are FREE if you sign up for Covenant Eyes through the link to left.

Porn addiction thrives in the environment of secrecy and anonymity of the Internet. Covenant Eyes removes both. Covenant Eyes is the most effective accountability software available. Affordable ($8.99/month) and fool-proof, Covenant Eyes tracks every Internet site visited and sends a weekly report to you as your husband or boyfriend's accountability partner.

Once Covenant Eyes software is installed on a computer, it monitors and records all web activity and scores all sites according to maturity of content. This information is then presented in a customizable report which is emailed to you as the Accountability Partner. You may choose how often you receive the report by email (every 3 days, 7 days, etc.).  Because scoring is provided, partners and users can easily identify mature web addresses, searches, links and more. They also show trends for websites viewed and bar charts that show the times of day and night when the Internet is used. While other accountability and filter programs are easily circumvented, 
Covenant Eyes is simply the strongest, most frequently updated accountability service available.  Try it today with the above link and the first thirty days are free!  

In a nutshell, keyloggers are a form of spyware that record all keystrokes and catalog online activity. The software can be used to monitor employee activity, teen activity and regretfully is equally useful for seeing what your husband or boyfriend is doing online. Examples:

Most men with porn addictions will have spyware blockers downloaded to protect their computers from being ravaged by a host of viruses commonly attached to porn. Some keyloggers can be detected by spyware blockers. Keyloggers by Webwatcher are said to have the highest degree of success in staying hidden.
Some women on PAH  have reported very
favorably on WebWatcher keylogger software. It
is reportedly very easy to navigate and a great
help to any spouse or girlfriend of a porn addict.

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