Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

MTV True Life - I'm Addicted To Porn

As the wife or girlfriend of a porn addict, there is limited information out there to help you gain insight.  
MTV produced this show last year and has finally made it available online.

You have to sit through four commercials and look past gratuitous shots of a porn starlet featured in the show
(how else could they get the men with porn problems to watch the program), but never fear as the overly
naughty bits are blurred out. The perspective of the actress and the two addicted men are
very interesting. Often the media scoffs at the notion of porn being an addiction.  
Socially, porn use is becoming more and more accepted and normalized. This show is a great demonstration
of how too much of anything for the wrong reasons can create imbalance and havoc in
your life and the life of your significant other.

It easy to play armchair quarterback and for PAH it is no different when it comes the topic of porn addiction.  
There is a married couple with four children featured in the show. The husband has been watching
porn and masturbating since he was a teen. Despite being  kicked out of the family home and given ultimatums
from his wife to clean up his act or else, he can't get the internal motivation needed to quit his porn habit.
He is living in an apartment and gets to see his kids and have dinner together with them every once in a while.
He knows what to do but continues on with his bad habits.  In the end he decided  he needed to check himself
into a five day sexual addiction rehab patient program ($$$).

What could this couple be doing that they aren't?  

  •  The husband can't stay off XXX sites in his bachelor apartment. How about turning off Internet service?

  •  Not feasible? How about loading up Covenant Eyes software or WebWatcher software? (links below)
We'll see how interested he is in continually logging onto these sites when his exasperated wife gets logs of all XXX web 
addresses perused or instant email alerts with screen shot pictures of all adult sites visited.

  •  You get what you pay for. The husband gets a house call from XXX Church and uses their filter. These are free 
    downloads online. Notice in one of the scenes how easily the husband turns off the filter when he has the urge to 
    indulge. What is the point of having a free filter when you can turn it off whenever you want and have zero 
    accountability? With a tough economy, many do not want to pay for accountability software. But it is
really true that you get what you pay for. And $ 8 a month is much cheaper than an in patient
sexual addiction rehab patient program, or a divorce lawyer.

Porn addiction is somewhat spoken of in the media when some famous person admits they are out of control and check 
themselves into a $pecialty clinic.  But it is a rare glimpse into the troubles average folks face when it comes to sex 
addiction. This episode of True Life features a porn starlet, a single man and a married couple. What are your thoughts on 
their revelations and struggles? What degree of success do you feel they will have in the future? Discuss your opinions with 
other women on the same path on the PornAddictHubby discussion board 

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