Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

Porn Addiction: A Man's Perspective

It is easy for anyone to jump into the escapist world of the Internet but stop to consider the price you are paying. Have any of these areas of your life been affected by the amount of time you have spent surfing for pornography online?

Your health may be fine but what about the lack of sleep you are experiencing on a regular basis? Does your lack of clarity affect your work? The bottom line is you need to get real with how you are spending your time and how you want to live your life. Porn addiction is treatable whether you seek help through 12-step programs, professional counseling, or spiritual seeking. Consider what the consequences could be if you don't get help - loss of jobs, relationships and health. Do something now.

Get Honest
Porn addiction thrives in secrecy. It may seem scary to confide to your girlfriend or wife the severity of your problem. 95% of women who are confided in work with their partner to get things back on track.

You Created Your Problems And You Are Responsible
It is easy to blame our problems on someone else. Relationships require a lot of work and it seems that other guys have it easier or better then you. Internet porn can be a huge escape from the day to day problems in our relationships and life in general. Ask yourself what are you trying to escape
when you spend hours online.  Are your problems made better or worse by the amount of time you spend online? You made your problems and you and your partner have to find solutions to them. Answers are not found in porn.

Life Is Not All About You
How much time have you spent isolated working on your 'hobby'? For many guys with addictions to porn, isolation turns into self-obsession. When you only focus on yourself, the amount of sadness, depression and fear will spiral and increase in your inner world. Get involved in groups, leagues or
volunteer. Do something for others. You need to refocus how you see the world and realize life is not all about you.

Get Spiritual
Whether you have a religious background or not, find a way to recenter yourself spiritually. Go for a hike or walk outdoors, light a candle, meditate.

Be Open to Change
If you are reading this, your wife or girlfriend most likely steered you to this page. If you are willing to do the work required and make changes, this is just a temporary situation. If you are unable to stop your online activities on your own, you may have to seek professional counseling.

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