Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

Many wives and girlfriends of men with porn problems have asked themselves at some point or another what defines a porn addiction. Sexuality is a broad topic. What works and is 'normal' for you and your relationship may not be alright for another couple. Society gives us some general guidelines as to what is right and what is wrong when it comes to sexual expression. Anything involving minors, force or coercion, payment of money, animals, or sexual contact with others outside of a marriage are clearly understood by a majority of folks as crossing the line. Looking at pornography while in a committed relationship is a gray area. Your feelings towards pornography are shaped 
by your family and upbringing. You may feel that porn in and of itself is bad and viewing it even once in awhile is damaging and negative. Or you may feel that men have a predisposition to looking at pornography and from time to time they may look - a 'boys will be boys' perspective. Both of these beliefs are true and just for the individuals that hold them.

Porn Addict Hubby is not an anti-porn site. Pornography has been around for eons and will continue to be so. Porn Addict Hubby is a pro-relationship site. PAH is dedicated to getting you the information you need to navigate the new reality that you find yourself living in. So first and foremost, when is it addiction? Your partner will tell you that everything is under control and he can stop looking at any time that he chooses. Maybe that is true. Maybe it isn't.

The definition of addiction is the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or
involved in something. If you are addicted, the compulsive behavior will begin to impact other
aspects in your life: your productivity at work, your sexual intimacy with your partner, withdrawing
from social activities to spend more time at the unhealthy behavior, etc. Please be mindful that only a 
professional should make a final diagnosis.

On the PAH site, it is stated over and over that he is responsible for his actions, and you are responsible for your reactions. When you discovered his use of pornography, your world turned upside. You grieve for the loss of the man you thought he was and the relationship you thought you had with him. You may detest porn in your home and strive to eliminate it at all costs. That is absolutely your right to do so. But it is important to look at your individual situation realistically and not label or overreact. PAH is of the opinion that just looking at porn online does not make you an addict. Just as overindulging in a pint of ice cream every once in a while when you are upset does not make you a candidate for Overeater's Anonymous, looking a porn online every once in a while does not make him a porn addict. Consider for a moment the Danger of Labeling.

Here are the top five realistic signs that there could be signs of addiction in your home:

So what is the next step after you have determined he has a problem with porn?

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