Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

You have done your reality check. Now what about him?

One of the most difficult challenges women face is to get him to do his own reality check. In order for there to be true long-lasting change, he must really admit from his heart that he has a problem. The porn industry coaches regular users to not listen to 'nagging wives and girlfriends'. That we are jealous or just don't understand a man's genetic need to spread himself around with a lot of women. He may see himself as having the right to look at naked women online as long as he doesn't touch them.  Or that all men do it so what is the big deal. He may think himself smart - able to keep his online life separate from his real day to day life with you.

Here's a reality check. If he indeed has a problem with porn he is:

(if you have a family)
and services
bestiality) porn to keep the same level of endorphin high that he experienced when he
first began using 'normal' porn

Another challenge for many women is intellectually we understand why men get wrapped up
in the world of porn, but physically we don't 'get it'.  If we see a partially naked male model
online, we don't feel the sexual urge to unzip our pants or go in search of more graphic
material. Sexual addiction is complex. The following list of questions may be enlightening
to both you and your partner.

You can't solve a porn problem unless he admits there is one and you know how deep it goes. Help is out there for him. And for you.
This problem wasn't created overnight, and it won't go away overnight. If he wants to make a change in his life for the better, consider supporting him in healing his addiction. Both of you may be stronger and wiser for having made the journey - together.

"I am glad my wife finally got me to see 
the light. I was using porn about 5 times 
a week and it was robbing me of sleep, 
making me take stupid risks by logging
on at my workplace, and was really 
dragging down how I felt about myself.  
I knew what I was doing was wrong but I 
was terrified to do anything about it.
So it just continued.

She really laid down the line. For the 
first time I understood that I wasn't just 
making choices for me by continuing
this stupid habit. I was killing our 
marriage and cutting myself out of a 
relationship with my kids.
There is no way a court would have given 
me shared custody rights with the junk I 
was looking at.

I finally grew up and decided my
boyhood excuses were hollow.
My reality with my wife and kids was 
more important to me than my 
self-indulgent online fantasies."

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