Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts

A recession is like pornography.  It may be hard to define, but everyone knows it when they see it.

Typically there are three 'sin industries' that are recession proof: alcohol, tobacco, and porn. When unemployment rates rise, a common self defense mechanism is to gravitate towards things that relieve stress and make us feel better temporarily. Your whole world may be crumbling around you, and the chosen vice can be unhealthy, but it is turned to anyway.

Another major factor are the basic laws of Supply and Demand. With a huge glut of free adult material readily available online, including pirated material and amateur produced short films, producers are trying to determine how they may be able to protect their market share. Adult DVD sales topped out in the first quarter of 2007 with revenues figures on the decline ever since. Adult DVD rentals have been negatively impacted as well with a consistent 5% drop year over year. The raw materials required to make DVDs and jewel cases are petroleum based. As gas prices increased, so did the cost of production. When gas prices were hovering around $4.00/gallon in the summer of 2008, consumers were carefully budgeting their gas allowances and prioritizing errands. DVD rentals took a big hit as trips to pick up and return films became a pricey proposition.

What areas are doing well? Pay-per-view and subscription services are steadily growing in popularity. Many porn users tire of watching the same material over and over and do not want a collection of adult films in the home to be discovered by children or spouses. They are able to sign up for a subscription and get DVDs delivered to them confidentially in the mail. For those consumers who are looking for instant gratification, streaming services offer a pay-per-minute option starting at 
a reasonable (and addictive) 7 cents per minute.

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