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Does your husband or boyfriend need help overcoming an online porn addiction?
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Are you a wife or girlfriend overwhelmed dealing with a porn addict? Find the information, support and resources you need to help you deal with your spouse or partner's online addiction to pornography at Porn Addict Hubby.

Of the 40 million people who regularly frequent porn websites, approximately 85 – 90% are light to moderate recreational users. The balance – 4 to 6 million – may have a problem with pornography addiction. Each of these men has a social base that is effected by their porn addiction: spouses, partners, children and extended family. Most porn addicts are aware of the guilt and shame that follow each online session. They are mindful, either consciously or subconsciously, of the number of hours wasted each week in surfing for pornography. Those addicted to porn may feel that it is something “that everyone does” and “no one is getting hurt".  A majority of porn addicts are unaware how their unhealthy behaviors and flawed reasoning create a trail of devastation in their homes and relationships.

If you have taken the time to locate this site, there is a good chance you have felt at one time or another anger, shame, guilt, abandonment and sorrow.  You may have felt because of many of the stigmas in our society which prevent one from openly seeking help with sexual issues, there has been no one to turn to for understanding, assistance or solace.  There are sites and programs out there that mainly focus on the porn addict but minimally address the turmoil within the spouse or girlfriend.

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4:1 Ratio
For every one man seeking to overcome pornography addiction on his own, four men enter the recovery process through urging or ultimatums from their wives or girlfriends.